Announces and Notices

On this page you can find various notices or announces relating to shareholders.

19. 2nd divident distrabution announcemnet

18. Announcing the change of total votable shares (updated May 26,2017)

15. 21 Sept., 2015's 1st Divident Payment Announcement

14. 31/07/2014 Divident Distribution for first half of 2014

13. 26/6/2013 Announcement on registration to list on the Ha Noi Stock Exchange

12. 2013 Divident Distribution for shareowners has been announced. 

11. March 21, 2013. Invitation Letter for the 2013 General Shareholders Meeting and other documents on Nominees, sefl-nomitators

10. Oct 8, 2012. Announcement of 2012 first dividend distribution

9. Oct 8, 2012. Announcement of the shares issuing to raise charter capital.

8. Oct. 2, 2012. SSC approved the capital raising plan to raise charter capital from 56 VND Billion to 81 VND Billion.

7. April 11, 2012: Other General Shareholder Meeting Documents:

1. Report of the Board of Management

2. Financial Balance Report

3. Payment for Board of Management and Board of Controllers

4. 2011 Profit Distribution

6. Letter of Authorizing Representative to Attend 2012 Shareholder Meeting

5. Letter to convene shareholders to attend the 2012 General Shareholders Meeting and the Meeting agenda.

4. March 22, 2012. Second Divident Distribution Announcement. Related documents: Form 2 to request receiving by post and  Form 3 for bank transferring.

3. Dec. 10, 2011. Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting's Resolution

2. Letter to invite shareholders to attend the extraordinary shareholder meeting (Nov. 24, 2011), and in case you authorize another to attend the meeting, filled in this form and have the person show it when attending the meeting.

1. Notice of the first dividend distribution for 2011