2012 First Dividend Distribution

On October 8th, 2012 Sea Minh Hai announces to the company shareholders the 1st 2012 profit distribution schedule.

This time a 10% of share-face value (VND 1000 per share) is paid to shareholders who are on shareholder list fixed on Nov. 19, 2012, and dividend will be paid from Oct 22, 2012 to Nov 16, 2012 latest.

Shareholders can get their dividend in cash (contact directly the Account Department/Km 2231, National Road 1A, Mrs Hoa) or have it tranferred to their account or sent by post service. In case the later options are prefferred (transerred to their accounts or sent by post service), a request form shoud  be filled with information for this to be properly done.

The announcement, bank transfer request and post service sending request are posted here for easy reference/use.