Factory 78

Factory 78 is the first processing facility the company acquired. It is of average size and is rather old*. However the factory has an experienced work force and from these key workers, many new one have been trained and being helped to start their work in the newer factories  such as Factory 69 and Lang Tram Seafoods.

Some data on the factory:
Address: Km 2184, Tra Kha, Ward 8, Bac Lieu Town, Bac Lieu Province
Phone: 84-781-3821956 FAX: 84-781-3820354

Email: seamh_f78@seaminhhai.com
Factory Manager: Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thai
Factory Deputy Managers (Production): Mrs Phan Ngoc Binh/ Mr. Ha Tien Dung

Total factory area: 5,812 sq. meters
Total office and workshop acreage: 2,610 sq. meters
Total workers: 800
FDA REGISTRATION NUMBER: 16822515648 (Registered on Nov. 3, 2003)
Daily processing capacity: 15 m/t (finished products)

Google Map of Factory:

Factory in Picture
Factory 78
Factory78 in Bac Lieu



* The factory was bought on Nov. 1, 1993.



Factory 78
National Highway 1A, Ward 8 Bac Lieu City
9° 17' 46.1328" N, 105° 41' 58.5312" E