Lang Tram Seafoods

Lang Tram Factory is the newest factory just put into operation since May 2010.

Its site coordinates are at 9°11'7.73"N and 105°17'32.22"E, near the Bac Lieu Province and Ca Mau Province border,

Lang Tram is in the center of a vast shrimp farming of both Ca Mau and Bac Lieu. While it can collect Black Tiger big size which are particular to Ca Mau Province, it can also collect material of middle size commonly seen in the southern parts of Bac Lieu Province.

Some data on the factory:

Lang Tram Seafoods
Facility EU Code: DL 713
FDA Facility Registration Number: 14767358672
Address: Km 2231, National Road 1, Tan Phong Village, Gia Rai County, Bac Lieu Province (see Google map below).
Production capacity annually: 4,000 metric tons of finished products.
Production workshop surface area: 8,242 sq. meters.
Factory site area: 12,866 sq. meters (water treatment area not included).
Cold storage capacity: 500 metric tons.
IQF system: 4 units.
Contact freezers: 2 units.
Air blast freezer: 1 unit.
Workers: 400.

The factory processes various types of frozen shrimp products, among these are Nobashi, HOSO, PTO, breaded shrimp...

With all of its brand new equipments and a work force with much experience supported from the current two factories (F78 and F69) it is predicted that in the near future the factory will be an important factory to supply to Sea Minh Hai's buyers.

Lang Tram Factory  in Google Map

Lang Tram Factory