With the globalization of world economy the users now can have products produced from different regions or countries. They are also awared of various risks  from the food they use.

To supply quality, safe and high nutritious foods the manufacturers should be able to control many factors effecting final product quality such as materials and ingredients, processing facilities and conditions, workers and other human factors, etc. They also can prove to users that they have a good, effectively and quickly traceability system to provide these to them in case they request these data. Backward or forward traceability throughout the whole process, from farming to final user tables becomes a integral criteria for any quality management system for any food manufacturer.

Sea Minh Hai has developed and applied a traceability system effective for backward and forward traceability of the products it produced. This is considered as an integral part of its quality management system.

Sea Minh Hai has also applied an online trace system as a requirement for an ACC certified facility (this online trace system requirement is now not a compusory one in its revised version- any other working systems is acceptable). Although TraceRegister is a new online trace system, the service usefulness is evident because any ralated partners can look at it at any times and quickly get the traceability information they need.