SSC has approved the Sea Minh Hai's 81 VND Bill. charter capical raise-up plan

SMH has today Oct. 2, 2012 received official decision from SSC to approve the company plan to raise the charter capital from VND 56 billion to VND 81 billion. The decision (Decision No. 45/GCN-CKNN) was issued by SSC on Sept. 28, 2012 signed by Mr. Vu Bang, Chairman of the SSC.

The decision approves SMH plan to issue 2.500.000 shares (of these 1,100,000 shares will be bonus shares for current shareholders and 1,400,000 shares to be offered to the public) to increase VND 25 billion more, and raising the company charter capital to VND 81 billion. The time for completing this raising is 90 days after the registration date of the new share offer  being valid.

SMH's shareholders and investors can refer to the decision here. We will update the progress of this capital raising on our web sites for shareholders' easy reference.