Useful links: Asia

Asian shrimp markets for decades has been mainly Japan, however with the trong economic growth of South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, the demands are increasing year by year.

1. Japan seafood import violation alert

Under item No 8 on this page is Recent Cases of Violation of the Food Sanitation Law that were Found on the Occasion of Import Notification. In this part you can easily find the latest violations listed by year and month, each in an Excel file that you can download for reference.

2. Taiwanese website on seafood controll  If your market is Taiwan then this is the site that can provide you with useful resources on the seafood controll.

3. Taiwanese FDA can give you many important laws and regulations on seafoods.

4. KFDA- Korea Food and Drug Administration is FDA of South Korea where you can read various types of legal and regulation documents relating to seafood and drug.