About Sea Minh Hai

Minh Hai Joint Stock Seafoods Processing Company, usually referred to as Sea Minh Hai or Seaprodex Minh Hai, has been founded as a state-owned company on June 27, 1988.

The company is based in the richest fishery resource area- the former Minh Hai Province in southernmost of Viet Nam. In the initial stage, as designated by the government, it used to collect products from other factories in the Mekong Delta to export worldwide.

In 1993, the company had been re-registered as required by VN Government's Decree No 388/CP. In this period it was called as Minh Hai Import Export Trading Comapny (shortened as Seaprodex Minh Hai, a more known name for this period).

Early of 1997 Minh Hai Province was divided into 2 provinces, Bac Lieu Province and Ca Mau Province. Since Sea Minh Hai's two factories are in new Bac Lieu Province, it has been registered business license in Bac Lieu.

During this time, a quick change happened. The open market policy has been encouraged by the government, and there are various efforts to speed up the equitizing of state-owned companies. Seaprodex Minh Hai had been selected to be equitized and became a joint-stock company in April 2002 with initial charter capital of VND 15 billion.

Sea Minh Hai has been step by step growing from a trading company with limited capital to a well known packer and exporter in Viet Nam. It usually is in the top ten fishery companies in Viet Nam. Sea Minh Hai's two factories can process thousands of metric tons of quality frozen shrimp products meeting strict requirements of buyers from important markets such as USA, Japan, EU, Australia, Korea etc. Sea Minh Hai's total workers are more than 1,400, most of these are experienced technicians and skilled workers. For quality management, Sea Minh Hai's factories are HACCP compliant, together with workable and effective GMP and SSOP. We have applied ISO 9001:2008 in our factory. Our factories are also BRC and ACC certified. As a Vietnamese seafood processor, Sea Minh hai's factories all meet Vietnam government's requirements for food facilities such as food hygiene, food safety, facility conditions, equipments, staffs, environment etc.

Since the company was equitized in 2002, together with the quickly growing of many industries in Viet Nam in general and in the fishery industry particular, Sea Minh Hai has been promisingly developed and it becomes one of the reliable fishery procesors and exporters in Viet Nam.