Links: USA

American is an important market for SMH's products, and US is the most important world market for shrimp. Canada is also a interesting market so shrimp shipper, it's not strong as the US.

Below are some interesting links to these markets.

1. Import Alerts for Seafoods

The page are alerts relating mostly fishery imports.  If you look for perculiar case, look for them in this list. An example is case number 16-81 is for shipments rejecdted due to salmonella; while case number 16-04 is for reject relating to mislabelling. 

These same rejections can be looked for each country of origin at

2. US FDA Web site

US FDA webiste is an important information source for US's food food and drug control. As an food processor or a food exporter to US market, you may want to look for the page that h helps you to register register your facility to FDA; or look for requirements for an HACCP plan , or consult the current GMP for your factory.... These are only some examples that FDA site can give you many helps.

3. Canada's web site relating to fishery import control, where you can look for matters relating to fishery import to Canada market.